40th Birthday Invitations

Ang's invitations were based on her chosen theme of a garden party, which meant pretty flowers and lots of beautiful butterflies.  Her favourite colour is pink so this was chosen as the primary card backing with a range of pink and orange hues used in the main floral imagery and in the mix of butterflies.
The flowers were all hand coloured and stamped, while the butterflies were each die cut in matching card stock and adhered to the invite in such a way that the wings on the larger two could be pulled up from the base allowing them to sit up as on a real butterfly.

The final digital mockup of the invitation design for Ang's approval.
I also had the pleasure of decorating large white paper lanterns with matching layered butterflies.
and 100 straws...

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  1. Wow, these are beautiful, you have a great eye for colour & design. Has givenme an idea for Mothers day card.