I've just put together a handy blog post planner, especially for paper-crafters! With this printable bundle, you can make sure that every blog post you write is brought together smoothly and is working hard to serve you and your audience well.

It will help you:

- Plan the title, publish date and theme
- Brainstorm and outline your idea
- Keep track of the main supplies you want to highlight
- Make note of any photographs and links and you need to add
- Identify your "Call to Action" (very important)
- Think about the your overall purpose for your post
- Check off the "Workflow" as you progress through it, including social media sharing
- Record any feedback and notes for your future posts!

A4 or US. Letter?

>> This is a 3 page PDF digital download.
>> Includes one planner page in size A4 or Letter (U.S.), the same planner page in size A5 (perfect for your Stampin' Up! Planner), and includes additional summary table!
>> Please allow 24 hours for email delivery


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