[PART 3] Let's Get Blogging Challenge

Of all of the Let's Get Blogging content shared so far, this topic generated the most excitement! Learn more about the Let's Get Blogging challenge and where it all began in this post *HERE*.

Week #3 Photography

The way you present yourself and your artwork in your blog has a huge impact on your blog appeal with readers.  This week's discussion focuses on tips for producing better photos for your posts.
Do be sure to check out the Let's Get Blogging facebook page.  A number of very talented Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team members joined the fun and shared exclusive behind the scenes insight into their photography processes too.

"I have learned a few tricks in the past, but by scrolling through the posts here I have to say that this group is awesome! I think it is so wonderful that you are all so willing to share your tips with everyone! Thank you! I am so happy to be here!" Carolynn Sander
" Some great advice there, I think this is a video I'm going to be referring back to a bit." Tanya Rees

Part 3 Coming soon...
Week Four: Linking and Community Building

I've just put together a handy blog post planner, especially for paper-crafters! With this printable bundle, you can make sure that every blog post you write is brought together smoothly and is working hard to serve you and your audience well. Learn more *HERE*

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  1. Wow Jennifer, it was great to see some of the new bloggers get to post in their first blog hop. I am still at the first stage of your Challenge and wonder if i will ever get there.
    Fabulous blog hop. Danielle