[PART 2] Let's Get Blogging Challenge

In August I started the "Let's Get Blogging" group to provide my fellow paper-crafters with encouragement and guidance in getting a creative blog up and running.  Find Part 1 of the challenge I shared earlier on my blog *HERE*.

"I am so excited about this! This is exactly what I have been looking for! I feel so much better about starting a blog!" Nina King McMillan

Today I'm sharing the Week 2 discussion video.  View below, or head over to the facebook group *HERE* to see both the video and the full discussion thread.

Week#2 Things to consider when it comes to writing blog posts.

 "...a big thank you for this group. I'm itching to learn and share and connect with other crafters." Eva Potts
"I am so excited you started this group! I have an existing blog but need more of a "push" to consistently post"  Diana Tillery 

Part 3 Coming soon...
Week Three: Photography

I've just put together a handy blog post planner, especially for paper-crafters! With this printable bundle, you can make sure that every blog post you write is brought together smoothly and is working hard to serve you and your audience well. Learn more *HERE*

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