Celebrating 60 - Thank you cards

 Jean's friends and loved ones all came together to celebrate her 60th birthday last month.  She was so touched by the stories, memorable moments and well wishes everyone put together for her in a scrapbook that has became a much cherished gift.  Jean wanted to send a special thank you card out to everyone who helped make her birthday so extraordinary and asked me to help custom make something unique for the purpose.

The card was designed with the party theme of 'documenting the journey' in mind.  It features a photo of Jean we took on the day of the party at the moment she first received her scrapbook gift from us all. The frame around the photo has an aged/vintage appearance with 'sticky tape' securing the photo in place scrapbook style. 

The complete front image was printed on high quality photo paper and then carefully hand cut and bordered on a background of soft brown card. This was then positioned on the front of folded vanilla card stock with Jean's own custom message of thanks printed within. 

It was such a pleasure to help Jean share her appreciation of such a wonderful day with all her loved ones.  We also had fun putting together our own page for her special scrapbook.  Click here to see an earlier blog post that features one of the pages we contributed.

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