$5 Card Kit Challenge

Happy new year!  Who is ready for a new challenge?  You told me you loved the last one so I've thrown together another for you.  Which side will you choose - green or pink?

As before, simply pay $5 and receive all the goodies pictured above.  Then create a card using these items as inspiration.  Not only will you have a pretty project, but if you complete your design and send me a photograph of it before the competition closes, you will also get a chance to win Stampin' Up! gift certificates.  The value of the prizes available will depend on the number of entries.

*Terms and conditions apply.  To take a look at samples made using this kit or to learn more about this challenge please see my Card kit competition facebook page or contact me via email.

All entries will be available to browse on Tuesday 21st January.  I would love for you to stop by my facebook page and vote for your favourite to win then!

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  1. Hello Jenn - This is such a great idea! I wish you well with this fabulous business plan. The card packs look neat and inviting... Barb